Kunsthochschule Kassel

Jonas Kim Rühl

Of Sky and Sea (IG: @alberanti_14), 2022

oil colour, egg tempera and ink on primed wood

[][][][], 2021

interactive installation at Brüderkirche Kassel

Shedding the Imago, 2020

video installation made of styrofoam, latex, wax, glass, a projector and a rotoscoped animation (1920x800px, 00:05:12)

time, 2020
sketchbook with hand-pressed cover made of paper, flowers, yarn

Nameless Palace, 2020

free to play

have_you_seen_my_dog?, 2020

interactive augmented reality installation with 8 free downloadable apps, 8 videos with sound, 8 posters and a telegram sticker set

Candide at Staatstheater Kassel, 2020

video installation for an operetta in cooperation with Daniel Hengst, Aljoscha Burtchen, Paula Berger

my_forest, 2019/2020

virtual world made of 3D-sculptures with video textures from 280 hours of desktop and facecam recordings as well as diary entries

displacement, 2019

archive of transformations of earlier work recordings into digital reliefs
and into new recordings and digital 3D-collages, as well as 79 3D-graphics

work, 2019

digitalised archive of photoscans of my paintings and sculptures from the first two semesters in various grades of destruction
five 3D-prints
3D-animation (1920x1080px, 00:01:59)

jonas, 2019

3D-animation (1920x1080px, 00:01:59) of photoscans of my body, sound collages from home videos of my parents, my own text (read by Hannah Hjort)

Video Trailer

jonas (2019), work (2019), my_forest (2020), Nameless Palace (2020), Shedding the Imago (2021)

since 2021: stipendiate at Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

since 2021: stipendiate at Cusanuswerk

since 2018: student at Kunsthochschule Kassel

E-Mail: jonasruehl@gmx.de